The Electoral Commission deleted 111 registered unrecognized political parties

On Monday, the Electoral Commission removed 111 registered unrecognized political parties (RUPPs) for failing to meet mandatory requirements. He claims to have evidence of serious financial misconduct, deliberate attempted tax evasion and other illegal financial activities against them, which constitute fraudulent exercise of privileges and reliance on the publicly available.

“Those 111 RUPPs whose communication address is required by law as a registration requirement under § 29A (4) and any change of address must be notified to the ECI under § 29A (9), which it does not follow,” the pollpanel sei states. The Indian Electoral Commission is improving the current election spending limit for parliamentary and assembly candidates.

The EC also stated that these parties had verified during the verification that they did not exist or that the letters they had issued in accordance with the Commission’s order of 25 May had not been returned to the post office. It states that any party injured may, within 30 days of the issuance of this order, apply to the relevant Chief Electoral Director or Electoral Commission with all evidence of its existence and other legal and regulatory compliance. A separate list of such RUPPs will be sent to the relevant CEOs and the CBDT to take the necessary action under the current legal framework, he added.

The EC has previously filed a lawsuit against 2,174 parties for failing to submit a list of donors. It was reported that the income tax exemption was received at Rs 445 million in 2018-19 at RUPP 199 and Rs 608 million at 2019-20 at RUPP 219. Of these, 66 RUPPS requested an income tax exemption without submitting a contribution report on Form 24A, as required by Section 29C of the Act.

As many as 66 parties requested an IT exemption in 2020 due to non-compliance with legal requirements under the Public Representation Act, and 2,174 did not submit contribution reports, the EC said.

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