5 Effects of drinking ice cold water in summer

With the arrival of summer, people crave cold food and drink. To get the heat back, they always start drinking cold water from the fridge. On the contrary, this water can be harmful to human health. Many people store water bottles in refrigerators or water coolers to stay hydrated during the summer. According to experts, drinking cold water is harmful to health, especially when the seasons change from winter to summer. To find out why? Read on to find out some of the harmful effects of drinking cold water in the summer months

Side effects of drinking ice water in summer:

Throat infections: Drinking too much cold water may increase the risk of sore throat and stuffy nose. Drinking chilled water, especially after a meal, can cause more mucus to accumulate in the airways and be exposed to various inflammatory infections. So avoid drinking as much and cold water as possible.

It slows down the heart rate: Cold water has also been shown to help reduce the heart rate. The tenth cranial nerve is an important part of the body’s autonomic nervous system and controls the reduction of the heart rate. When you drink and chilled water, the cold temperature activates the nerve, which causes the heart rate to slow down.

Digestive disorders: Drinking extremely cold water can lead to a narrowing of blood fats, which in turn impairs digestion. Cold water causes stomach upset, which makes it difficult to digest after a meal. The digestive system is easily affected by cold water. Hard to lose weight: Cold water can make it harder to burn the fats stored in your body, making it harder to lose weight. Avoid cold water when trying to lose weight.

Tooth sensitivity: Drinking chilled water can cause tooth problems, such as tooth sensitivity, which can make chewing or drinking difficult. It is recommended that you try to drink water normally at room temperature most of the time to avoid problems.

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