Yogi Govt’s Stamp and Registration department leading the way of development in UP


Yogi Govt’s Stamp and Registration department leading the way of development
in UP
PRERNA Dept records over 32 lakh registrations; generates over Rs 18K cr in
PRERNA Dept takes eMarket value above Rs 2.28 lakh crore

Lucknow: Highlighting the remarkable contribution of the Yogi Adityanath government towards revenue generation and job creation, the state administration revealed that in the financial year 2021-22, Uttar Pradesh recorded more than 32.3 lakhs registrations on its citizen services platform PRERNA – Stamp and Registration department.

PRERNA (PRoperty Evaluation & RegistratioN Application) department has seen unparalleled growth in terms of revenue generation and job creations over the years. The state government stated that in the year 2021 alone, the department has raised over Rs 18,926 crore revenue, taking the eMarket value above Rs 2.28 lakh crore.

Additionally, the platform has been used for the generation of 60 types of deeds, 372 Self-Regulatory Organisations (SROs) and generation of more than 4.5 lakh marriage certificates. The platform has also recorded more than 1.67 crore document generations, 3.52 lakh Digital Non-Encumbrance Certificates (NECs) generation and more than 35 lakh deeds registration.

Among the citizen services, the platform offers features like online filing of Registration Application, online deed generation, online capturing of photograph and thumb impression, online payment of registration fees, online appointment system and SMSonline query on registered deeds, etc.

Some of its services also include Market Value Assistance, computation of stamp duty, registration fees/fines, endorsement and printing of photograph and thumb impression, generation of Encumbrance certificate, scanning of registered documents, and generation of index registers.

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